Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Things I have learnt from a month at my mother's

I've spent a month at my mother's house this summer, due to housing problems and a month long gap between studies. I'll probably not have another holiday for a year, possibly two depending on the work situation.

To begin with it was a novelty, being back in the dead end town. I spent years here and I've always hated it. However when I come back here on a holiday it's nice to wonder around aimlessly amongst people who don't seem able to or don't wish to see past the façade of emptiness. This town hasn't moved past it's history. It's quaint, but there's no future, no life. I've always described it as a retirement town, and although I see a slight change, there's more things in the town centre, I've not changed my opinion.

The other thing I understand more and more every time I come back is I was never here. I barely contributed when I was here, because I wasn't here very long and after excessive bullying when I was at high school I barely went out and had few to no friends. I can safely say I have no friends, seeing a total of three old friends while here for a month. I don't bump into people I've not seen for aeons because everyone has either moved away like me, or forgotten me completely.

At the start with it was nice, now I'm just lonely. I've not seen anyone for two weeks and it's like I've been here for too long. It's not my place here, that's what I've grown to understand.

I really understand how humans are temporary now, we'll be forgotten soon after death unless we're famous, and few people receive that level of fame. How many dead people can you remember outside of your own family? How many other people remember them? Case in point, we all forget. I'm not even dead yet.

Brambles grow quickly and they're a good anti-paedophile defence, because that bastard living here is still alive, and I'm not around to defend my family I'm glad to see that the brambles have grown meaning he now has to come up the front drive, rather than jumping over the fence and in through a window. However I have seen him looking over the fence. Hopefully he'll be dead soon because of his age, he has to be over 60, at least 70.

Too much free time is always a bad thing. Yes, I've cleared up a lot of things, got rid of many things I no longer want or need, but now I'm perpetually bored. I've run out of things to do, I'm still kitting but even that gets tedious after three full weeks.

I did go camping, but that was a disaster when one of the bags broke. I'm still working on my angry letter to Karrimor. Although I still raised £250 for Cancer Research, which I'm very proud of.

Soon I'll be back in France, next week I'll be signing my contract and starting my classes and work. Life is getting better. But my place is no longer here.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Facebook links

I seem to link to a lot of things over on my Facebook page, and I thought I'd start putting them on here, so that if you've missed something you don't have to go all the way through old posts to find it again. I link a lot of things like supplies, books and knitting/crochet things. If you want to see more my facebook page is here. The knitting patterns can all be found in my Ravelry queue here.

Monday, 10 August 2015

It's this week!

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In two days I'll be on the train to Glasgow! In three I'll be on the bus, then starting the charity walk, hike, camping thing.

I'm excited and nervous. What if I forget something? It could be a hard week. Where did I leave my Swiss Army knife? Have I lost it? Eeeh, I'm sure I'll be fine, what's the worse that could happen?

I have a two midget tent, a comfortable hiking rucksack, a pair of walking shoes, enough Pot Noodles for a week, a gas stove and cooking kit. I'm sure I've covered all the bases here.

But if you've got some money to spare and you're willing to support us on this walk there's the button at the top of this page where you can donate. I'd be grateful, I've my reasons for doing this walk, but I don't feel I have to share them. I just want to do something special with this summer, something good for other people but beneficial to myself too.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Angela's hat for 2015

Another long break between posts and many personal excuses. Here's not the place nor the time. However I will be going on a 160km (100 mile) charity walk with my brother and dog. My Just Giving page can be found under this link
I'm now on my holidays in the UK, so I've been getting a bit of knitting done, and my roomie, Angela, asked for a hat for this winter.
I let her choose the pattern from my Ravelry queue thinking I'd use up some odd acrylic in my mum's stash. But I didn't filter the queue and unluckily for us she chose a 4ply pattern. I didn't really mind, what's another ball, so I agreed and went off to my mum's. The first weekend here, while camping in Derbyshire, I cast this on. A week later it was finished and my brother took this awesome photos. The pattern is called Hermione's Cable & Lace Hat and can be found on Ravelry here. It's published on another blog but is free. There's a wide variety of projects and much insperation for this on Raverly. I stuck with the original cream/white colour in the film this was based on, but not everyone did.
The yarn I used was from Hobby Craft, it cost £3 and it's the Women's Institute Premium Acrylic, I don't dislike but I wouldn't use it again. It made me think of Smoothie, by Patons, which is a DK weight, but the balls are very fragile and fall apart, this was 4ply, fell apart and got very, very tangled, texture wise, once knitted it was lovely. As a ball it was a pain in the ass. I did only use half of it though.
So what did I change in the pattern? Well, I cast on extra stitches because she said it might be small, I also worked an extra repeat to make it more slouchy because Angela prefers her hats like that. And I improvised the decreases because I wasn't working from the pattern. These cables are good for a beginner who's got the hang of decreasing and yarn overs. I do love it, and would probably do it again.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Preparation for The Kintyre Way

I'm still preparing for my 160km hike through Scotland, I've ordered a ton of things, camping kit, a tent, things that are meant to be helpful.

And then I went for a weekend camping in Edale, Derbyshire...

I was definitely missing a box of matches and a coat, I'd also picked up the wrong gas canister, I gave it away to another group of people and did get the right one, so at least it wasn't wasted.
Oh, and my waterproof tent leaks if anything touches the canvas sides. Also, two person is referring to stunted little people that are happy sleeping one on top of the other, effectively as you would in a bunk bed without the bunk bed.
Gas fires feel unstable, and even with Hamish, my dog, tied up I'm worried something will knock the thing over sending boiling water everywhere. Mainly over me while I wait impatiently for my morning coffee.
Campsites are ridiculously cheap, costing under £10 a night if you're lucky, mine was £7.50 with a dog and a human in a two midget tent.
Hiking rucksacks are easy to fill up if you forget to fold or roll something up.
You will want to sleep in a coat/jumper/socks/sleepingbag and you'll always want another layer. Especially in a British summer. I sleeping in a jumper and a waterproof coat one night.
It's easier to just sleep in jogging clothing, because I don't feel comfortable walking around in my PJ's in front of everyone I don't know.
Flip-flops are a great relief from hiking boots.
Doing anything inside a two dwarf tent is more hassle than it's worth, go outside.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the countryside and did touristy things. I went in the Devil's arse.
No, really.
Here's the link if you really don't trust me.

I'm still worrying about other odds and sods I may be missing. Thinking that the five days between the start and Campbeltown where I can really stock up on things may be hard, but I'm sure it can't be as bad as I'm imagining.

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Kintyre Way

As I've said recently I'm bored, life isn't that satisfying at the moment. I want a challenge. A real challenge I've not done before.

I like walking, I've wanted to go on a proper trek and camping thing for sometime, so why not? Why not walk 161km for charity. It's 100 miles if you're wondering.

Basically, that's what I'm doing, this summer. It's a way of remembering my dad whose life was cut short by cancer. So I'm trying to raise £100 for Cancer Research UK. It's cost me more than that to do this walk mind, but it'll be worth it.

I'm taking my brother for company so it should be a lot of fun, we'll be leaving mid August to do this. So if you'd like to take the time to sponsor me, click below. Thanks.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

An Experiment - Part 5

I've been distracted and not done this for nearly a week. So not surprisingly I've got quite a few messages, here's hoping something is good...

Are these photos of the same person or is it just me? It looks like they're the same person in two profiles.

I did find something interesting. BDSM freak got deleted. Sadly. So did that guy who wanted to 50 shades me. However I do have a new freak who sent me three messages since I logged off. Cool. A stalker who's obsessed with pasta. Who thinks I know him. What? I've never said anything about strapons, is there another ood spaghetti face out there?

I'm so bored, I actually wish I had class.