Thursday, 28 May 2015

Things I learnt from being burgled

1) The police are slow in France too. Taking two hours to arrive after three phone calls. 
2) People are bastards. 
3) If you don't trust your door replace it. 
4) Most things are replaceable, apart from memory cards with photos and videos. 
5) If there's nothing valuable in your suitcases there isn't any point for them to go through the carrier bags filled with random things. Some of which valuable. 
7) It's embarrassing having everyone see your undies. It's worse when you notice someone has stolen your dirty knickers. 
8) The feeling of joy when you find your silver jewellery and your hard drive with five years of photos on it is better than Christmas. 
9) Did I not own more than this? What's missing?
10) At least I wasn't there when these pervets came. I could have been raped. 
11) People don't really care even if they say they're sorry.
12) Doors are expensive. 
13) I have the best friend ever. 
14) Even things without value are at risk. 
15) Nobody realises the value of wool!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My birthday is in two weeks

And I don't know what I want. I have a tea pot who doesn't have a cosy, and there's a couple of patterns in this book I like, but £10 for two patterns isn't great.

There is another one for £5, with 20 patterns. It seems better and I do like that strawberry. The thing is my pot is green, so I don't want something that'll clash horribly. I really don't know what else to ask for.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

I got robbbed

I've moved! I'm now free of the homeless shelter, which I'm happy with because I'm free, I have a kitchen and I can do what I like! I've been living with my friend for a week now, but we've already had a rough first week.

Sunday, we got robbed. She was at the bar, I was at church. I got back at around 9pm and the door was cracked open, things scattered everywhere and at a glance I could see things had been stolen. The police took two hours to arrive, then we had to get the flat shut up for the night. Forensics came but other than a boot print found fuck all, and there's no chance of finding the £500 worth of things they've taken from me.

Then, to make things worse, Monday evening I had an asthma attack. A bad one, Started at 8pm and I didn't get out of hospital until 2am.

I've got a flu like bug. It's hard to do anything. It's been a really bad week, we've got no money left and now a huge amount of debt.

Tuesday we did all the clear up of the flat on Tuesday, but the things that are missing are weird, dirty underwear, a broken smartphone, an old outdated smartphone, razors, cheap jewellery, and a comedy called Rab C Nesbitt that's not known outside of Scotland.

Anyway, because I need money I shall share a few links from Amazon, if you buy through this I get a teeny tiny percentage of the sale. Thanks.

This, because I need to unwind with what happened, and I got these for my mum and my brother and they loved them! Not the same set but the same company.

This because I'm fed up with knocking my packet of coffee over and spilling it. It's pretty useful looking for the kitchen if you're a coffee addict and you're not keeping your coffee in a jar or pot.

This is how I'm drinking my coffee, I love this thing and I'm very dependant on it. I can highly recommend it but sometimes it leaks. Such a brilliant bit of kit though.

This is in the list because sometimes coffee isn't strong enough.

And this because sometimes wine isn't strong enough...

This is here because I got a free razor identical to this from a student thing, and the bawbags stole it. I was going to give it to my little brother. Balls.

And this because it's pretty and they stole a load of our cheap jewels, thankfully not my Christmas set, but still. Ouch.

So if you buy thorough one of these links I get 5% which will help me out a tiny bit. Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My foot

I mentioned in my last post that I'd sprained my foot. It was cool. Painful mind. This was while I was in a course for my BAFA, it's a simple course that is done in three stages and lasts for around a month on and off over roughly 2 years. We had to run a big scale game, aimed at a group of 30+ kids for an age we were already given. My groups age was 11-17 years, and we decided to play the Sagamore this is in French. I'm sure the game doesn't exist in English but it's fairly simple. There's a hierarchy with 5 types of players who can trap and be trapped by people. A wizard (or witch) who restores life to those who were killed, and can only be killed by the lowest player who can be killed by everyone. It's weird. Flick through that site and look at the diagrams on the second page. I'm sure it'll be quicker than my explanation. I was second strongest, I was cocky. My friend was actually strongest, I saw her creeping around, and yelled out asking what she was. She flashed her hand, I ran, but we were in a park, not a forest, so hiding was hard. I was running down some stairs and she caught my collar, I fell backwards and managed to finish on my belly. I didn't notice my foot hurt. As soon as I got freed I ran and noticed my asthma was annoying me and my foot wasn't feeling right.

I left it.

The afternoon I took my shoe off thinking "owuchiiiessss, MAH FOOT HURTS!" and it was all swollen. However any discolouration would be hidden (and has been in the case when I chipped a bone in my foot) and I just ignored the swelling because it was very little, my birthmark looked pretty much the same, I'm hardcore, I'm a Scot so it takes more than that to take me out of action. And most importantly I wasn't giving my silly Italian friend the satisfaction of sending me to the hospital for just a little bump. And I could still work on it.

Thankfully this was Friday, the last day of my BAFA course. I passed, I will hopefully do the second part, I'm awesome.

Saturday I was babysitting, I let the kid jump on my foot and pretended it was okay. Sunday I babysat the morning, then limped to church for the evening. This lasted one service until I decided to go to the hospital. I admitted defeat because my foot was sore.

I had the weirdest guy who tried to talk to me too! I decided to walk from where I lived to the hospital. Well, I limped. It took me half an hour, maybe longer, but I ran the last bit. I got to the hospital and hat to walk around it to get in, there was this guy on the corner who basically said to me 
"When I saw you, my heart started beating so hard!"
So I kept walking.
"What's the matter my beauty? Don't you want to speak?"
"Nope, I'm good."
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
I kept walking. Speeding up a bit and really forcing my foot. This was an old guy, somewhere towards the age of 50. Looked like an arab too, they're weird in France, I've had too many try and talk to me to get my phone number, coincidently the French never try this.
"Are you 18?"
"What? Why?"
"Are you under 18?"
And I was just thinking about how much longer this hospital would take me to get too. He followed me for around 500m too. Right up until I crossed the gates.
He started giving up and said that I was unkind.
"You're not a nice person."
"Thanks!" I was genuinely saying this.
"You're French?"
And this was where I wanted to kill him. But he had friends. Grrr.
"Yeah, I can see you're French. Cunt!"
"Bye bye, vaffanculo, connard de merde."

I got into the hospital after running away from this creep, and I was all like "Hi, I'm dying from my foot pain, can I maybe see someone?" I was left to wait for the worst 15 minutes of my life. There were two homeless people, well one definitely was, the other I think she was because she was dressed weirdly and was a real mess. But the smell! If you're ever in the metro you'll notice it one day, it smells like stale body odour and I don't know what. If you want to smell it Chatelet on the line 4 is a good bet. Actually the line 4 in general seems to be where they all hang.

Whatever. There was nothing much. I waited like half an hour, I was nuked with X-rays, texted my friend telling her it was completely broken, 100% fucked and I'd need a cast for three months, and then left with a sprain and a prescription.

I got the prescription the day after when I couldn't walk any more. I wore the cast and then stopped the painkillers, there's another post on that I guess. Friday coming it'll be two weeks since I fell. I'm still wearing my support but it's fine.

Alexandros broke his foot the Monday before mine. We're pretty good as a family. In his words "Fell, boom." Just like I said, only in 500 more words.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Throw together outfits

With spring coming and the seasons being a bit weird, stupidly cold in the morning with 20 something degrees in the afternoon, my habit has become throw together outfits. Jeans, t-shirt, it's raining today so I'll wear a jumper or hoodie under my biker jacket and I'm gonna wear my converse.

I've got a few t-shirts for this but they're all pretty similar. A white one with a dinosaur on it, a green Slytherin one, a grey Pink Floyd shirt, you get the picture. My jumpers are all pretty vague apart from the Hogwarts one. I've stopped wearing fair isle though because in the spring it gets a bit weird, however for the autumn and winter it's a go to staple.

I was doing a course called a BAFA for the last two weeks too, meaning I needed to wear shoes I could run in. And subsequently sprain my foot in. I can't wear a nice shirt with my beaten Converse. Aaaanyway.

The other thing I've found useful is a lightweight scarf, if I've not got a hood and it rains. But it's not as good as a hoodie.

So this is a basic throw together here. I really want to buy this shirt. New Look thought this through well.

My fake leather jacket is a staple. I wear it all the time. I do have a coat, it's just this is better, it works with everything, it's practical, I can dress it up or down. It's great.

This shirt describes me. I want it. It's grey so it's easy to wear. If you want to add colour do it with accessories, if you don't want colour you're good to go! Blue jeans and black jeans will look great.
And a basic pair of skinny jeans. If you want to dress them up a nice shirt and shoes will do it, but they can be worn causually so easily. Brilliant staple for a lazy day. Without resorting to the dreadded jogging bottoms.
And the shoes of all shoes. Great for nearly everything. Going for a walk? These will do it. Going to see a film? Converse. I'm always wearing mine. The winter I put on some ski socks, the summer I wear low tops. They're a great shoe.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I went shopping!

I have now moved and I've got my own room and more space, but I also had a huge clear out of things. So today I went out to get some new jeans and possibly a new outfit.
I only went to two shops but I still managed to spend 50€. I got paid a couple of days ago though. 
I treated myself to some new tea and a new infuser because my old one is falling apart. The infuser looks like a leaf which is cute and my mum has the same one. The tea is a black tea infusion with almonds and pistachios. I loved the smell of it so I thought I'd try it. I'm not great at drinking water. 
This is my much loved, used and abused infuser. 
And from New Look I got a pair of blue jeans that are a bit faded with a T-shirt with a dinosaur in it. I liked it because it's like the things I draw in class. And a little springtime scarf. It makes a nice outfit as is and in very pleased with it. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Big Book Of Knitting - Review

I got this book from a discount book store in the UK, my first thought when I picked it up was something along the lines of "this is huge! It's not a bad price, there has to be at least one good pattern in it!"

Amazon say it's 320 pages long, but it's a hugely thick book, heavy too. I awkwardly flicked through it and found a few patterns I'd like and some I thought my mum would, there were also many that would work as stable gifts. Some cute or quirky things that really appealed to me and a nice explanation of the basics that I don't seem to need. 

There's meant to be over 100 patterns. Off the top of my head I remember two baby-toddler dresses, a snake that I think was a scarf, some cushions, a few hats, at least one shawl, socks, jumpers. There's a bit of everything which is why I found it a useful staple. Sometimes Ravelry is too vast, so a book like this while limited can be a blessing for finding a pattern in a hurry. Although plus sizes are left out that's kind of normal.

The pages are very clearly and attractively laid out, with level and yarn amounts included. I found them easy to read.

From what I saw most things were in the books, from the basics of garter and stocking stitch, moving onto moss stitch and rib then cables and double pointed needles. Other ways to cast off, different ways to cast on, and all with photographic instructions. At the end of the day if you're still stuck there's YouTube to help out.

The main downside I've heard is that there's a few mistakes in the patterns. I guess it's a good idea to read any pattern from start to finish but for a more experienced knitter these will be easy enough to spot and correct. But because of this I'd avoid the book for newbies. 

I feel it's great value for money if you're looking to add to your knitting library with a staple. It's a very big attractive book, filled with brilliant information and modern or timeless patterns.