Friday, 20 February 2015

Naughty nautical nautilus

Just a silly post with a funny title. I'm moving soon, the centre where I live has been deemed unsafe so we're all moving out. I'm trying to use up odds and sods of yarn that are left over, and entire balls that were bought for small projects. I also want rid of all of my stuffing. They will think it's weird, and they're already saying I have too many things, so I'm looking to get rid of that. That's where this came in. Odds and sods of yarn with more stuffing.
I'd had the patterned queued for quite a while and I was looking for something fun to make.
A weird sea creature.
So this is it. A nautilus, a strange creature that's been around since the time of the dinosaurs pretty much in its current form. They're in the same family as octopuses, which is funny. And they have a shell. Most people know of ammonites, which are also in the same family.
The pattern is free on Knitty, you can find more info here, it's a bit weird to begin with, but once you've started turning the shell it's very simple to continue. I cast on one morning and just went for it. Everyone was confused about what it was and it only took me two week days with classes to finish it. It's a very quick project.
Propped up just after being finished.
I'm not sure how many facial tentacles I did, it said to do 8 but I just kept going until it looked right. People keep thinking it's a snail though, which is weird.
It's a hat for my beer!
Both pieces look weird when knitting up, the face worse than the shell I think. Although it's a great stash buster using minimal amounts of yarn. You can find my full notes here from Ravelry.
I have two more stash busters on the needles too, and I think I've not got enough stuffing! It's almost gone!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine Hat

Valentines day really isn't my thing. Love should be for every day. Hah, I just don't see the point of having a special day devoted to tat with hearts and stuff on it, so I made myself a hat, with hearts. That after tomorrow will go away until next winter. Maybe. Nobody seems to associate it with Valentines day, which is awesome. So I'm free to wear it as I please apparently. I've been wearing it all week.
So this is that hat, with the hearts, and a pompom.
I used a purple acrylic as a maincolour, I think it's King Cole Big Value but I can't be sure. To be honest most acrylics are pretty much the same. And for the hearts I used King Cole Baby Comfort, in the purple colours, it has white, a dark purple and a light purple. Both yarns are acrylic DK weight.
I have a light weight scarf that goes really well with this. The thing behind.
I used to wear this colour a lot which is why I wanted it. The pattern was free from Ravelry, and can be found here, it's called From Norway With Love. The whole thing is worked on 4mm needles, but I actually worked the main bit in 4.5mm needles because I find sometimes my fair isle is a bit tight. It's quite a popular patten too, there's over 1400 projects! Although very few have pompoms, that's just me being weird again.
I shared this on Facebook and got a very positive response, people really seemed to like it.
And this is my only in progress photo of it. It was a really basic fair isle pattern. If you're looking to get into colour work and can already knit in the round this would be a good start. I'm tempted to do another one, but I doubt I'd wear it. I'm really not a fan of beanies, and I've been forcing myself to wear this a bit to try and get into liking them.
This is my fourth hat of 2015!
And if you want to see my Ravelry notes, they can be found here! I didn't finish it as quickly as I'd have liked, but three days isn't bad with work/classes/social life.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (midpoint review)

Half way through

I love this book.

I'm not really a fan of things labelled as best-sellers, or love stories, or girl books. The problem is the amount of English books you can get from the FNAC so you don't bankrupt yourself is limited to best-sellers. There is Shakespeare and Co, the English bookshop, but it is fucking expensive.

So on Wednesday when I got paid I was really wanting a new book. A new paper book, with pages, not my tablet and another eBook. I have been reading those, but, I wanted a real book. I dragged my friend Angela off to the FNAC opposite where we were at a talk, and was flicking through the books. There was some Steven King, but I'm not sure, Mr Mercedes sounds kinda meh, the other one was on that Kennedy thing. And there was The Game of Thrones series... sounds cool but my mum has it if I want it.

And they had Steven Clark who is amazing and funny.

But after about 10 minutes I'd settled on The Hunger Games, because it did seem good, and I've heard loads of good things about it, and The Fault in Our Stars because the first page really caught me.

I'm now on page 162, which is slow for me, but I'm also on page 48 of The Hunger Games.

Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death,
YES! That's my kinda book! I like how this character is dying from cancer and she talks about things as being a side effect of life. I love her personality. Hazel is a great person.

At the end

I finished the book in five days. I loved it, however I won't read it again. At least I doubt it. Really I'm a bit old for it, it's teen fiction. But it was a pretty nice story. I love Hazel's personality too much. She's a little sarcastic, and seems to mock her illness. I love the way she refers to her treatment as the miracle.

Although it was sad when Gus died, she coped very well, there wasn't so much a happy ending, more of a sad middle with an okay ending.

Peter Van Houten was interesting too. In the end when he came to Gus' funeral and said "we have to fake pray now" that made me laugh. He's so strange in social situations. And the revelation about his behaviour in the first meeting was very well explained.

It kinda made me think about how my dad would have felt with his cancer. If he'd been a teenage girl. To know you're dying within the near future.

I'm not great at reviewing books, but I really think you should read this one if you get the chance. It's kinda a fictional love story with a few ups and then a huge down, but there's a lot of humour in it too.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

This time last year

So it's the 12th of February, nothing special about that.
Apart from this time last year everything fell apart and I gave up. Completely normal mind. I'm not great at being happy.

It's also a year since I stopped breastfeeding because I had a load of paracetamol floating around my bloodstream and it seemed like a better idea to stop.

So I'm still alive, but I'm not living a good life. I miss my son but I'm not allowed to say that. I hate the place where I live but I'm not allowed to say that either. It's very biased, another resident does similar things to me, only coming back to sleep, and she's allowed, I do it and I'm profiting, treating it like a hotel.

I haven't really got an escape, because even with studies and work and everything I'm not getting much more than 600€ a month. I finally have enough to eat everyday though, but the place where I live don't like it when I eat out. They seem to prefer when I don't eat.

I've refound my ability to read, I got two books a week ago, one is finished and I'm getting through the second. This is good. I still have a dislike for ebooks mind. I think next month, or sooner, I'll be tracking down English copies of Harry Potter. And I want the sequels of The Hunger Games, because I'm working through the first one and it's pretty cool.

There is no real direction in my life. Just not get kicked out of the centre where I live and get out of there myself. How likely this is, I have no idea.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Finished Project - Shagging moose hat

I was making a beautiful shawl, from a Debbie Bliss pattern that you can see here. And after a huge disaster with my interchangeable needles coming undone I was forced to unravel the 10cm I'd done in a week. 300 stitches near enough, took me a week and it was ruined. I did write it up here if you really want to see my failure.
I was feeling hugely uninspired and I just wanted something simple that wouldn't depress me and would help me get rid of some of my acrylic stash. I'd been eyeing this hat for a while after seeing it in a 52 hats challenge group, and I figured I'd go for it. It's been my third hat this year. I'm now working on my fourth and I still need a pair of gloves...
I had a quick poke though my colours and half thought about making two with inverted colours, one for me and one for Angela, so I settled on a grey from King Cole, Baby Comfort, and a red from Phildar, Charly, both great yarns. I cast on using my 4mm needles for the rib and changed to the recommended 4.5 for the body. Even though I was working with DK I don't think my tension was too badly out.

This hat is a pattern called Fuck The Cold, exactly how we're all feeling at winter. it's free from here and I really think you should knit one. Everyone should. Even your grandma.

I did change a few things, I hid the fuck the cold bit a little by taking out the main colour strip between the stripe and the letters, because I was worried about giving Angela a hat with the work fuck on it. And I made a couple of mistakes in the pattern, but that's not a big deal, it still looks great.

I did add a pompom too. I like pompoms. I used my amazing Clover pompom marker. They look weird but they're amazing!

I've not got much else to say about this, but you can check out my notes here.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Alexandros, age 2

I've not done one of these posts in ages... so how is my baby? My toddler. Well, he's funny. He's got a really interesting charchter which gets more prominent all the time. He doesn't say no much, and he likes copying me. He also likes playing with things when told not to, and explores everything. A pretty typical two year old. For the most part he's pretty calm and up for everything. Apart from sometimes he doesn't like photos, sometimes he loves them. Actually that's like that for a lot of things. He gives proper kisses, and can be very cuddley sometimes. He also knows how to hit, but that's rare. The things with copying me vary, if I tie his hair up like mine he likes it, if I let him play with makeup he is very happy too. It's cute, he wears makeup to try and be like me, he knows how to put on eyeshadow with the brush too! But he copies words, if I drink he drinks, little things like that. It's like having a parrot. If I'm eating something he usually wants a bit too. His favourite food is actually. Play-Doh.
I've dressed him like me a bit recently. Re: he copies me. And biker jackets are cool. I show him new clothing and he likes putting it on. He seems to like being nicely dressed which is interesting. But the biker jacket which is pretty similar to mine seems to be very liked at the moment. The first time I gave it to him he really wanted to wear it. I also had my mum knit him a jacket with a tractor on it. That's his main obsession, cars, tractors, trains. I showed him this, he kept saying the word tractor and when I put it on him he wouldn't take it off, even though he was burning up with a fever. He talks a bit, but it's mainly single words, some french and some english. He does understand the english though.

I fucking hate everyone, everything, and you


In a quick, short phrase. One sentence.

Why? Because of other people. I think this is my main problem. I don't support other people. Other things. I have no patience with them. I mean, I try. Don't get me wrong, I don't start when I meet someone thinking I want to throw them out of a second floor window. Or how I want to rip their finger nails out with plyers. Or pour petrol over them and drop a match. Whatever.

I have tried putting up with this little shit since I moved into the room, but. There is a limit. She speaks on the phone all the time. She never shuts up unless she goes out. If she isn't yelling at people on her phone in her headache inducing language, she puts on loud music. And she's been getting worse and worse.

The problem is she causes only trouble. If we say anything against her when the staff explain to her she can't do the things she does she cries, saying it's not fair. She's a real baby. She doesn't know how to clean, she never does anything and is never in the centre but has no papers and no job. She's difficult. She does things just to annoy others too, like slamming the cupboards. And if anyone says to stop she cries at the staff saying we're bulling her.

Actually once, she was sat on the outside of the window ledge in the bathroom of the second floor, with the lights off, door closed and the window pulled almost shut behind her. All because we told her to stop using her phone. She threatened suicide in a not so subtle way. Never got sent to see anyone for that as far as I know.

To begin with it would just be the evening, I guess because of the time zone differences. But it would go on for later and later until she was doing it until 1am. Until a couple weeks back when I had flu, so I phoned the office and said I couldn't deal with it, because it was 11pm, I had flu, my head was killing me.

The staff member is a bit cruel, but she's cruel with everyone. She comes upstairs and yells at the brat, calling her a liar.
"You come in every evening and it's the same story, we tell you to stop with your phone because it's not allowed in the rooms. And you say with a smile you'll stop but every morning we hear you've done it again. You are a liar."
She took the phone and it stopped for a few days because she was scared I guess. But when it started again it was annoying. Sometimes she wouldn't, sometimes she'd go on for ages, but most of all she wasn't in the room until midnight and she'd make a lot of noise to deliberately annoy us.

Then Saturday after I'd had a stomach bug where I wasn't managing too great, probably because I couldn't keep any food down and I was completely shattered. I just wanted to sleep. She knew I was sick because she'd seen me not doing too great. 9am, starts slamming drawers. Puts her music on and then I can't relax. I had a shower and when I got back she was yelling on her phone. I tidied up a bit, and put on a film, but she was yelling and I couldn't hear it very well. I yelled at her to shut up and she carries on. So I call the office. They came up later and she was going out. Only complained at her a bit.

And then Wednesday evening after months of this shit?
The elderly woman who is nearly always sleeping was trying to sleep at 9pm. As always... I had a headache and couldn't hear my film so I yell hoping she'll hear that she should stop because someone is trying to sleep. She doesn't, I wait, she doesn't I phone the office. They refuse to do anything because it's still early, even though the phones aren't allowed in the room.

Then when she hangs up she smugly says that it's fine she finished. I explained that it's not nice what she's doing and she needs to think about others because she's unsupportable and others need to sleep. I get a really arrogant response about how the elderly woman is always trying to sleep and she doesn't care. I said at least the woman who always sleeps knows how to shut her face. At which point she switches into English and accuses me of being jealous, trying to insult my pride. I ask her what she's got anyone could be jealous of and she starts insulting me in french, so I carry on pointing out she's got nothing for anyone to be jealous of and nobody cares about her pathetic life. She calls me crazy and I punch her. She shut up after that.

But at the moment I prefer the woman who sleeps all the time. At least she knows how to shut the fuck up. And she's not some stupid ugly cunt who doesn't think about anyone outside of herself.